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Jun 30, 2007

To play the podcast, click the POD button (left) or download the file below. You can also find us at iTunes.

The audiobook of Up in Honey's Room is available as a seven-disk (eight hour) unabridged version narrated by Arliss Howard, and published by Harper Audio. It was publised in May 2007 and is widely available at bookstores, online and off, and as a download at Audible.comThe Hot Kid, also mentioned in the podcast. was released in 2005 and also was narrated by Arliss Howard. It's available from Harper Audio and can be downloaded from as well. When the Women Come Out to Dance, which contains the short story, "TenKiller," is the subject of a separate podcast (Episode 5). You can see a list of all of the Dutch Treat podcasts at the Dutch Treat home page. Comfort to the Enemy is not available in audio format but a PDF version can be downloaded at the Elmore Leonard websiteCuba Libre, in which Virgil Webster, Carl's Dad, first appeared is avilable in two audiobook versions, a 1998 abridgment narrated by Henry Leyva, from Bantam Doubleday Audio, and a 1998 unabridged version from Recorded Books narrated by George Guidall which is available from 

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